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Game Concepts (and what comes next!)
Posted by Swain on 09 Aug 2012
So I've got a few new ideas I've been tumbling around lately, namely on what comes next in the world of Flash for me...or possibly outside of Flash, if it comes to it. I'd certainly like to get on to the next World Conqueror game, but I'm not convinced Flash is the platform I ought to be aiming for (now, future Mastermind cartoons are another thing entirely...but we'll have to see how that goes).

For now, I'm pretty satisfied with Project Nexus and its many sequels to come, but I've had my mind on some other, newer projects, too. Fellow Newgrounds enthusiast and contributor, Luis, and I recently discussed a sort of wild-west casino style game. He was off playing some gambling game or another online, where you're limited to playing only against AI opponents with the same behavioral traits. We both thought this was a little bogus. We chatted about a level- and skill-based casino game where your ability to read other people is based on your opponent's bluffing skill and your own ability to read players...and the difference in these abilities might just yield facts about their hand that they'd rather keep hidden.

I mean, why not? It's one thing to know how the rules to poker, blackjack, etc., but it's a different thing entirely to play the table. Why not have a poker-playing, card-counting, bluff-calling chip wizard to level up and call your own? You could even spend your digital currency on in-game swag, or maybe even save up for a gambling hall of your own!

I've been looking to new and more interesting alternatives for places my games can call home. Call it a target audience outreach initiative. I just want to make sure that whoever plays my game belongs to the crowd that really wants it (sites like got me to thinking about it, since what's more target-audience than gaming sites like this who have a very clear viewership?)

Maybe broadening my horizons a bit is the medicine my projects need. Knowing they're going to find a home where they'll be loved gives me just that much more motivation to make an extra awesome experience for anyone willing to play.

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Oh my goodness
Posted by Swain on 30 Jul 2012
For anyone who hasn't lost all faith in ol' Swain, here I am! Just letting you cool customers know that I am still around, still working on Madness: Project Nexus on Newgrounds (Ep 1.5 in progress!), still thinking up medals for Super Fishing, and nearing completion on another game with my French Canadian pal of dubious loyalty, Pox.

Updates have been short as I think up a new website layout. This one has served its purpose. Nearly time for 4.0!
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Hey guys, here I am! (Plus, Skincraft!)
Posted by Swain on 10 Jun 2011
I'm not dead, I was just doing my best impression of someone who is.

I just released an unofficial skin editor for Minecraft, titled Skincraft. I know, very original. Coding credits to Afro-Ninja (his site link is on the left somewhere) and Mike from Newgrounds.

It also occurs to me I never put Ching Chong Beautiful on my site. I'll have to put that and Skincraft up very soon.

In OTHER news, I'm nearing an engine-complete version of my newest game, Vampirate: The Time Traveling Vampire Space Pirate from the Future. On the side, I'm awaiting art for another near-complete game with JohnnyUtah, titled Killadelphia. If you ever wanted to fulfill your fantasy of being a daytime New Jersey dump truck driver who has to blast his way through Philadelphia in order to stop the ghost of Ben Franklin from taking over the state of Pennsylvania, then allow me to help you out.
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Mastermind 5
Posted by Swain on 17 Jul 2010
After a lengthy spell away from the world of cartoons, I present to you Mastermind 5. Why not go watch it now before another year has passed and I haven't released anything?

Har har, I'm working on Mastermind 6 next, and starting up production on World Conqueror 2. This will be a very Mastermind 2010. That doesn't bode as well for Blockhead though, does it :(

Guess we'll see WISH ME LUCK
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