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What's new guys?
Posted by Swain on 12 Mar 2009
Hi! Remember me? I'm The Swain, the guy who used to update this website. Haha :(

So I wanted to take a second to tell you guys what's going on around here, so you don't think I've ditched you once and for all.

Firstly, I've been doing a lot of work off-site on other people's Flash projects. Have you seen the Mirrors Edge 2d Flash game? Me and my friend were responsible for the backgrounds in that one. I also did the artwork in Seppukuties, a puzzle platformer, and the Mercenaries 2 Flash game.

Here's a few sprites from another project I've been working on, which will be named soon :X

But that's not to say I have been free of my own work entirely. I'm planning out a multiplayer sequel to Mastermind: World Conqueror, a new Mastermind cartoon (or two!), another multiplayer game to be named later, and a new game with JohnnyUtah of Newgrounds that should be out soon! Here's a sample:

So hang tight guys, and stay tuned for more releases AND more updates!

...oh, and I'm still working on getting the Forum functional again :(
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Blockhead: Episode 11
Posted by Swain on 07 Jan 2009
I have made a new cartoon for you. It is called Blockhead: Episode 11, and I invite you to watch it.

A new mystery cartoon will be showing up on the site very soon! It's going to be a little crossover cartoon involving your friend Blockhead. Don't look away, you'll miss it!

Click Here to Watch Blockhead: Episode 11!
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Blockhead, and New Game?
Posted by Swain on 23 Nov 2008
Life's been different since I moved back to Miami. Back in Orlando, I really had nothing better to do than sit around and write site updates, but that's been tougher lately with so much going on. Miami's a much more active place, especially with most of my friends living here with me.

SO, what's going on with

First, you may notice that the forums are still down. This is because of a database error in trying to load the old forum content to my new host. See, I ran into bandwidth issues after Mastermind: World Conqueror and switched hosts for the site. But rest assured, I still have all the user account and topic info saved. I just have to get the site to recognize it now!

Second, I'm on a new game with JohnnyUtah from Newgrounds. This is something I'm doing at the same time as Blockhead 11, and it's neat being back to juggling two smaller projects again. The game is a traditional platformer, a genre I've been aching to code for a while. I'll tell you more about it once the graphics are in, and you guys will be the first to test it out with me.

So, sorry for the hold up on new content. MWC was a huge undertaking and took a lot out of me, so I haven't been as productive. Maybe I can do a new Anicomic in the meantime? :D
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Mastermind: World Conqueror
Posted by Swain on 04 Oct 2008
The day has arrived - Click here to play!

This is the official release of the game that has taken me 6 months of terribly rough work to complete. Give it a chance, and play through it a few times while I work on Blockhead: Episode 11, mkay?

Email bug reports to, and thanks for being patient guys! <3
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