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Leaving You Hanging?
Posted by Swain on 24 Jul 2008
Sorry for the short supply of updates. I promise: from now on, I will not program large games. They make a terrible Swain out of me.

On the bright side, the Mastermind game really is almost done. I still have all of the cutscenes left to go, but the game proper is pretty much finished and most of the unbearable bugs are fixed. God only knows if this thing will play very well as a game; I can barely pay attention to whether or not it's fun because I've spent so much time and energy just trying to get it to work.

Next game I do will have to be about Blockhead, and I hope to do that only after Episode 11. I've gotta be fast though, because Ghostmas is only just around the corner!
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Posted by Swain on 06 Jul 2008
I made a cartoon for you, it's called Blockhead: Quick Shot 2.

I asked forum members for an idea for a new Anicomic, and after hearing the suggestion about a cartoon where Blockhead bothers me, I figured it would make a better cartoon fully animated. I think that always holds true anyway. Hope this holds you over until a real episode, as well as the Mastermind: World Conqueror game <3

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Mastermind Progress Report
Posted by Swain on 29 Jun 2008
The day's almost here. For those of you who enjoy the Mastermind series, you'll have a riot (...LITERALLY?) adopting the role of the Mastermind himself and taking on the world powers. And for those of you who HATE Mastermind, this is also good news; it means I can move onto other projects at last, not the least of which will be Blockhead: Episode 11. FINALLY. I must have more Weevil.


Above you will find that South America has become the target of my wrath as I proceed to blow up one of its cities. Different mission types, targets, and territories will have different effects on the game, such as lowering the health of spawned enemies or increasing the success percentage of missions. Also,
it's fun to press a single shiny red button and blow up millions of people.

The structure of the game is simple, although the way you interact with the game is complex enough. Combining a base defense game with a strategy base simulator in real time has been a painful challenge for me, but I am almost confident that the effort will have been worth it. And DO NOT FRET, it's not going to be anywhere as difficult to play as the Blockhead game was.

I've also written some music for the game. Check out the Mastermind World Conqueror game loops:


*Oh and as an added treat, here's more concept art for Patsies and #2 Henchmen.
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What's new? Audio Update!
Posted by Swain on 14 Jun 2008
Hey guys, I've been really busy working on this game...but don't take MY word for it! Listen to what...I have to say: CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO UPDATE!

And the Mastermind has something to add.

Screenshots of MWC coming soon!
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