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New Project + Racist Vampires Webcomic 2
Posted by Swain on 22 Jun 2007
Was ill for a few days. Woe is me. I'm all better again after spending my sick days on some animation practice. I also finished the second Racist Vampires comic. Have a look, and enjoy. I SAID ENJOY IT.

Anyway, this is the very moment where I decide the next project that you guys will be seeing on here. I have a couple of good ideas, but I'm not turning my back on the possibility of Blockhead 10 being next, either. I WANT to lean towards a game. I suppose by tomorrow I will have made my choice.
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Welcome to the Future!
Posted by Swain on 17 Jun 2007
Well, there you have it. Looks like most things transitioned over smoothly - the next few days will be spent on ironing out this bad boy, illustrating the next Racist Vampires comic, and preparing for the next game that may be joining us here on the site :D

Also, for those of you forum-goers, I will put my plan to eliminate bots into action first thing tomorrow. Then it's off to Miami, where I will have my recording equipment with me for all my...recording needs. I might even record some voice samples of my Racist Vampires voice actors and share them with you while I'm there.
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