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Mastermind 4
Posted by Swain on 05 Jun 2009
Ok, stop waiting already. Go watch Mastermind 4 at the highest speed you can muster.

I'm going to bed now. I pulled an all-nighter to get this done "on time", just like the old days of churning out Blockhead cartoons every two weeks. I miss being able to do this - if only I could do it full time. Maybe one day Mastermind will rake in the sort of views that would entice advertisers to put food on my plate, but until then, it's game programming for me (which I can't do exhausted, so right now I feel useless).

Another update as soon as my brain sleeps. I SWEAR IT.

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Street Fighter Collab!
Posted by Swain on 19 May 2009
So you don't think I've been up to NOTHING in the past few months, here's a project on that I had the chance to contribute a segment to:

Watch the Street Fighter Collab! My segment is on the right-hand side of the scene select screen.

I'm not as big a fan of the SF series as most of the guys who participated in this cartoon, but I DID grow up with it and it'll always be a kind of special retarded child to me. I'll never forget screaming in anger at SF2 when I was a kid because the computer didn't have to hold back for two seconds before throwing a sonic boom.

In the meantime, Ching Chong Beautiful has experienced a total revamp of artwork and it's looking EDIBLE, though you won't find the updated graphics up on the beta page just yet. If you're looking for that link, you can find it HERE.
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Beta Test New Game!
Posted by Swain on 11 Apr 2009
I posted a link to the new game I'm creating with JohnnyUtah from Newgrounds over on the forums, here's the link. It's still only a beta but that's where you come in (game engine is complete but the graphics and such are still being added, while the gameplay gets a good run for its money).

Post there or send bug reports to

Final game will be done soon, but even sooner with your help :D
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Forums Restored!
Posted by Swain on 20 Mar 2009

Sorry for the hold-up, but hopefully all is forgiven; the forums are back up!

Click the ol' link on the left panel to return to the forums, where all your old accounts and posts will be waiting for you :)

It's been since we changed hosts back in November that the forums have been inaccessible. Let's fill that baby up again!
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