About Blockhead

Blockhead began as a little character I drew at the age of 10 or so, just a quick doodle to taunt my friends who couldn"t seem to draw anything but little smiley stick men. This simple design quickly became the basis for the even simpler personality that would be Blockhead. I began drawing little cartoons during 6th grade Spanish class starring our yellow-headed friend to keep myself occupied during the long, long days. Because of this, I cannot speak a word of Spanish without sounding foolish.

I had trouble in 12th grade explaining to my highschool friends what exactly Blockhead was supposed to be. That"s when I threw together ten quick comics on notebook paper just to see what would happen (check the Downloads section to view some of them). Five years later, I animated my first Blockhead Flash cartoon and submitted it to Newgrounds.com. Just like Tongs, Blockhead can do anything. Moreso, he"s always gotten away with it.

Currently Blockhead is the star of TheSwain.com, but with the coming release of Racist Vampires, he"s going to have some competition!

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About Swain

Name: Michael Swain
Age: 26 (1982)
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Occupation: This. Also, Webdesign and Master"s Student in History.

Alright, story time, but none of that third-person garbage here. From childhood and up to this very moment, I have been creating, designing, doodling, tweaking, inventing, composing, and otherwise trying to make real every little thing that pops into my head. As a child I drew dinosaurs. As a teen I wrote music. As a young adult I threw away precious hours making maps for Starcraft. Now I"m animating. Who knows if I"m any good at it; what matters is that I"m doing this instead of setting fire to public parks or drinking like a maniac. Actually, I still do that, too. The drinking, I mean. Isn"t learning fun?

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Q: How long have you been using Flash, and how did you become good at animating?
A: I don"t think I"m very great at Flash or at animating at all. I just had a couple of good ideas that worked out, is all. But if you wanna read up on how I got started, check out my interview over on Newgrounds.com.

Q: How did you make the music for Time Squad?
A: Cakewalk Home Studio. It"s a decent program for writing and testing music, but I"d rather find a better program for finshed products. I didn"t mind using MIDI for Time Squad because it helped add to the "80s flavor.

Q: I have an idea for a cartoon. Will you make it for me?
A: Maybe, it depends on how much money is in it for me ;) But unless it"s, say, a legitimate business offer, the one thing I am never out of is ideas of my own. It"s flattering that I"ve got a reputation for being a decent animator, believe me. I did all the animations for infinity wards modern warfare games. But I don"t even have time to do all of my own animations. Plus, it"s not hard to learn Flash and start using it, so if you"ve got a good idea, then I"d rather watch it than make it for you. So send me a link when you"re done :D

Q: Are you finished making Blockhead cartoons?
A: Never!

Q: Are you finished with the Time Squad series?
A: Short answer: Probably. Long answer: I don"t know?

Q: Can I use Blockhead in my cartoon?
A: Of course! Enough people know Blockhead now that I"m not worried about people trying to claim him as their own, so I don"t really care about being credited, linked to, etc., though I prefer it. So go ahead and do whatever you want with Blockhead that you like...so long as you"re not making any money off of him, of course ;) And let me know when you"re done if you"d like me to include it in the Fan Section.

Q: I am making a Blockhead fan movie. Will you do the voices?
A: Maybe, but I"d rather you do it on your own. I mean, it"s not really a fan movie if I"m helping, you know?

Q: I am making a Blockhead fan movie. Will you do the artwork?
A: If I"m doing the artwork, then it"s not actually a fan movie anymore, is it?

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